If you are looking for a group tanning party in the Sacramento Area we can help at Body Glow by Rebecca based in Roseville. We are specialists in spray tanning and make sure you and your friends end up looking great!

At Body Glow by Rebecca we know how important your wedding day is – It has to be perfect. We want to make it easier for you to get the look you have always wanted and can provide you and your group the perfect spray tan

•  Wedding Tanning Party — Whether you are the bride or a guest we can provide wedding tanning party options to help you look your best. We use only 100% organic products which are easy on your skin and have no negative side effects.

•  Custom Tanning for Bridal Party — If you are in the bridal party and need any type of custom tanning we can take care of all of your needs at Body Glow by Rebecca. We can easily customize your tans so the entire wedding party looks their best!

•  Tanning Party — Planning a big event with you and your friends? Spray tanning parties are a blast and give everyone a chance to look their best. Parties can be hosted anywhere and tailored to whatever theme you have in mind!

•  Healthy Skin — First and foremost, we want to provide products that will allow you to have healthy skin. This is why we only use organic products that have 100% organic DHA additives to prevent negatively affect your skin no matter how many times you come back!

Body Glow by Rebecca in Roseville is the kind of tanning salon that you can trust to provide you and your group a wonderful tanning party. We go out of our way to provide the best services to all of our clients so that they can look great!

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