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Spray Tan Fade

Make Your Next Spray Tan Last Longer!

  What you should know before your next spray tan! Want to make your next spray tan last longer? Here are some great tips to get the most out of your next tan: Sugar scrubs are a spray tan’s worst enemy! Sugar scrubs contain oil that causes the tan to not adhere to the skin […]

Long term UV tan effects

UV Tanning Banned for Minors?

Is organic spray tanning the solution? We’ve all known the inevitable future of UV tanning will eventually come to an end. Much like the strict regulations put on the tobacco industry with the discovery it’s health laden issues, UV tanning is right in its wake. So when will the end come? If it was up […]

Blog Post - Spray Tanning Tips (2)

Spray Tanning Tips

Try these great spray tanning tips to get the most out of your next tan!   So everyone that’s received a spray tan knows the basics; Shower, shave, exfoliate! But there are a few more tricks that can improve the quality of your tan and reduce some unwanted side effects. Let’s take a look at […]

Spray Tanning & Acne

Spray Tanning & Acne

Can spray tanning help mask your acne? Acne is never fun to deal with especially the more severe it gets. We’ve all been through it and, although it may seem difficult, with most people it eventually subsides with little effect. So what can you do to cover it up? Is tanning the right solution? Of […]

Blog Post - USDA Organic Spray Tan Solutions

Are spray tans healthy?

Some tips about spray tan products and how to keep healthy during your next spray tan!   For those of us who enjoy the benefits of tanning, UV rays have always been their worst enemy. Tanning beds and even taking in the warm sun have revealed many health impacts from sunburning to skin cancer – Basically any browning of the […]

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