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Spray Tanning Tips

Try these great spray tanning tips to get the most out of your next tan!


So everyone that’s received a spray tan knows the basics; Shower, shave, exfoliate! But there are a few more tricks that can improve the quality of your tan and reduce some unwanted side effects.

Let’s take a look at a few tips:


  • Always check the type of spray tanning solutions that your using to ensure it’s organic!
    • I really hammer my clients and friends on this as there are chemicals in some of the non-organic tanning solutions that, when inhaled, can be harmful to your health. Check out my article on organic tans for a little more info.


  • It’s best to wear nail polish or at least clear coat before your tan.
    • Even a clear coat can help prevent your nails from staining. Don’t be afraid to get your nails done too beforehand as spray tanning will not ruin your new nails. Barrier cream will help to protect your nails as well!


  • Although everyone knows to exfoliate, it’s best to exfoliate with non-oil based gritty scrub.
    • This removes all of the dead skin to ensure that your tan lasts longer!


  • You must remove all the makeup, lotion, sunscreen, etc. from your skin prior to your appointment!
    • It may sound silly but I’ve had plenty of people who get off work and come in for a spray tan. Don’t worry, I have plenty of wipes to help out!


  • Any threading/plucking of your eyebrows can be done before your tan but should be avoided until after your first shower.
    • Most people don’t plan on going out to get them done after their tan, but it’s good to know that after that first shower you can pretty up those eyebrows!


  • Prep for your tan the night before.
    • Freshly shaved legs tend to be dry which in turn hinders the absorbtion of the spray tan solution into your skin. You will want to shower/shave/exfoliate the night before and right before your tan to remove all of your lotion/makeup/sunscreen, ect.
    • After your prep you should keep your skin as hydrated as possible!


Hope these quick facts make your next tan better and last longer!




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