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Make Your Next Spray Tan Last Longer!


What you should know before your next spray tan!

Want to make your next spray tan last longer?

Here are some great tips to get the most out of your next tan:

  • Sugar scrubs are a spray tan’s worst enemy!
    • Sugar scrubs contain oil that causes the tan to not adhere to the skin – It’ll wash right off in the shower. Be sure to stick to an exfoliating mitt with soap or non-oil based scrub.
  • Shaving should be at least 12 hours beforehand.
    • Shaving at least 12 hours before your next spray tan has several different benefits. As a mild exfoliant, shaving produces new skin cells and removes troublesome hairs that can help your tan last longer. But, shave too soon and the new skin cells could react to the DHA in spray tanning solutions and cause redness.
  • Spray tanning is not a “base tan” – You can burn!
    • Some feel that like harmful UV tanning, spray tanning provides a base tan which prevents burning in the case you choose not to use tanning lotions. But, spray tanning doesn’t affect melanin which causes your skin to tan naturally. Ensure that you use at least a lightweight tanning lotion next time you’re in the sun!
  • Be careful of chlorine.
    • Although mild exposure to chlorinated water has little effect on your spray tan, extended time in the pools can slowly bleach the tan from your skin. Next time you take a dip in a chlorinated pool just be sure to pat yourself dry when you’re done.
  • Too much lotion can be a bad thing!
    • Most recommend that people should keep their skin heavily moisturized following a tan although it can be detrimental to the life of your tan. Make sure to use light lotions in moderation versus the more heavy lotions in body butter.

Hopefully these quick tips will help maximize the results of your next spray tan.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer!


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My name is Rebecca Nottingham and I’ve been doing organic based spray tans for since 2007. I practically walked into the world of spray tanning when a family friend offered to teach me her techniques and help get my business started. She taught me that it’s more than spray tanning – It’s giving my clients the confidence to feel their best! I pride myself on researching new, innovative spray techniques as well as providing my clients 100% organic, non-harmful tanning solutions.

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Based in Roseville, CA and serving the greater Sacramento Region

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