Long term UV tan effects

UV Tanning Banned for Minors?

Is organic spray tanning the solution?

We’ve all known the inevitable future of UV tanning will eventually come to an end. Much like the strict regulations put on the tobacco industry with the discovery it’s health laden issues, UV tanning is right in its wake. So when will the end come?

If it was up to Manhattan State Senator Brad Hoylman minors would be banned from UV tanning tomorrow. What would that mean for traditional tanning establishments? Already California and Texas, among several other states, have banned UV tanning for minors under 18 – Even with parental approval! With the approval of his bill New York would join the many states outlawing minor UV tanning due to extreme skin cancer risks.

Brad Holyman founded his claims based on a report issued by the World Health Organization that has proven a 15% increase in melanoma risk – That was only after using a UV tanning bed 1 time!

The ban by Holyman is further emphasized by lawsuits drawn by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman against two UV tanning companies regarding their misrepresentation of the effects of tanning in their beds.

So what’s the solution? The tanning market is a $3 billion dollar industry that has seen amazing growth in the last three years. Spray tanning will inevitably be the preferred tanning solution with its ease of application and lack of health problems.

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My name is Rebecca Nottingham and I’ve been doing organic based spray tans for since 2007. I practically walked into the world of spray tanning when a family friend offered to teach me her techniques and help get my business started. She taught me that it’s more than spray tanning – It’s giving my clients the confidence to feel their best! I pride myself on researching new, innovative spray techniques as well as providing my clients 100% organic, non-harmful tanning solutions.

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